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  • Air-Crazy : Fascinating Stories of Canadian Women in the Air


    Air-Crazy: Fascinating stories of Canadian women in the air

    By Elizabeth Gillan Muir

    When airplanes were first invented over 100 years ago, they were flown by men. Women weren't even supposed to be passengers. But many "air-crazy" women wanted to fly, and eventually they did - becoming pilots, stewardesses, flight instructors, and astronauts.

    Author and historian Elizabeth Gillan Muir tells stories about some of these courageous and determined women across Canada who contributed so much to Canadian aviation history.

    Format: 8"x10" softcover, full-colour, 48 pages

    ISBN 978-0-9939096-6-5

    Ages 8+

    Also available in French

    A message from the author

    "Young children like to read stories of people who’ve done tremendously courageous and interesting things and have had exciting lives. The young people I’ve talked to are also fascinated by the first airplanes made in the early 1900s.

      Both "Air-Crazy" and "Libres Comme L’Air" describe the exploits of Canadian women at the forefront of our aviation industry – from the time the first “air-crazy” women climbed on board primitive aircraft as passengers, then when they became pilots and stewardesses and finally astronauts.

      For me personally, it’s been fun meeting many of these wonderful women, and now sharing their stories."

      by Liz Muir