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  • *NEW* Air-Crazy, Too : More fascinating Stories of Canadian Women in the Air


    Air-Crazy, Too: More fascinating stories of Canadian women in the air

    By Elizabeth Gillan Muir

    In the early 1900s, when airplanes were first invented, women weren’t supposed to fly – not even as passengers. But many women persevered and became airplane and glider pilots. They even flew blimps. They became balloonists, skydivers, helicopter and medivac pilots, and even astronauts.


    Enjoy our new stories about more daring women aviators in Air-Crazy, Too, a companion to the  first book, Air-Crazy (translated into French as Libres Comme L’Air) 

    Award-winning author and historian Elizabeth Gillan Muir presents women who pioneered in Canadian flight, set world records, and continue to contribute to Canadian aviation history.

    Format: 8"x10" softcover, full-colour, 46 pages

    ISBN 978-0-9953453-1-7

    Ages 8+