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  • Cleano-Bot : a Tinker Fair story


    Cleano-Bot : a Tinker Fair Story

    by Rob Justus

    Darren loves to tinker, BUT tinkering is a messy business! So when Darren's mom wants him to clean his room, Darren does what any child would do ...

    He builds a Cleano-Bot to clean for him!

    What could go wrong? A lot!

    Using exciting illustrations and a fun, fast-paced story, Cleano-Bot inspires children to use their imagination and become "makers"  and creators. 

    Format: 8"x8" softcover, full-colour, 32 pages

    ISBN: 978-0-9939096-4-1

     Ages 2-8

    Also available in French

    A message from the author:

    "I created Cleano-Bot with both the parent and child in mind. The story is entertaining, quick to read, and every page is full of action for children to explore. For the parents, the book is full of nostalgia, with nods to old technology like VCRs, video game systems, and 80’s computers.

    I grew up fascinated by robots and wanted to create a unique character with a DIY look. It had to be a robot that looked like it was cobbled together with old junk you would find in a dusty, cluttered basement at your parent's house.

    I hope you will take the chance to spend your hard earned money on this fun book. You won’t be disappointed!"

    by Rob Justus