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  • Gayle the Goose goes Global


    Gayle the Goose goes Global

    Written by Natasha Peterson

    Illustrated by Witls Games and Animation

    Gayle is a regular Canada Goose except for one thing. She is directionally challenged. When her flock flies away, leaving Gayle behind at migration time, she is forced to either sit back and wait for their return, or take matters into her own wings by migrating on her own. Brave Gayle takes on the challenge of a lifetime and learns that she can both survive and thrive on her own.

    The rhyming text, beautiful illustrations, and strong characters will bring readers into the story of Gayle the Goose Goes Global, and it's lesson that being "different" can be scary, but there are many rewards to being an individual.

    Format: 8.5"x8.5" softcover, full-colour, 16 pages

    ISBN: 978-0-9952330-0-3

    Ages 4-9

    Published by Polar Bear Press

    This book is not available in French