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  • Konrad, I Will Find You


    Konrad, I Will Find You

    Story by Jennifer Perlin

    Illustrations by Jay Lutes

    Konrad is about to start school and he is worried. "The school is so humongous! What if you can’t find me at the end of the day?" he asks. Konrad’s parents try to reassure him that he will always be found, no matter where he is — at school, on a mountain, or even in outer space.

    Using animated dialogue and vivid illustrations, Konrad, I Will Find You leads children on a fantastic adventure, while at the same time provides reassurance and comfort in the face of separation anxiety.

    Format: 8"x8" softcover, full-colour, 30 pages

    ISBN: 978-0-9918267-5-9

    Ages 2-8

    Also available in French