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  • Konrad, It's Not a Caribou


    Konrad, it's not a Caribou

    Written by Jennifer Perlin

    Illustrated by Jay Lutes

    "Mrrrrrr, shuffle, shuffle, creak!" Strange noises at the family cottage waken Konrad in the middle of the night. Could it be one of the animals from his nature book? Could it be a CARIBOU?

    "Konrad, it’s NOT a caribou!" his older cousins insist. But when the noises get louder and louder, Konrad and his cousins wonder if the legend of the crazy-cottage-crashing caribou is actually real!

    With beautiful illustrations and an exciting story, Konrad, It's not a Caribou celebrates the joy of summer camping with family in the woods, and the delight of using your imagination during a sleepover.

    Format: 8"x8" softcover, full-colour, 32 pages

    ISBN: 978-0-9939096-7-2

    Ages 2-8

    Also available in French